Saturday, January 19, 2008

I teach kids about the Jena 6, you call me the n word, and I am the racist?!?

Unfortunately, I have to start moderating my comments on this blog, because of the utter ignorance that is starting to be apparent with people making comments on my blog. I have no problems with comments that pose an alternate view to my postings, however, ignorance and racism will not be tolerated!

How can I be called a racist by someone who is calling me the n word? And for the other cowardly anonymous commenter to "agree with the above (racist) post"??? Co-signing racism? That's a new one.

So sad, so sad.

In case you are wondering what this is all referring to, check out the recent anonymous comments to my post from October 22, 2007 "Young revolutionaries".


subtext said...

Welcome back. I wondered if you had just gone to a different place. But I kept checking, just in case. Don't let the wackos bring you down.

Hugh O'Donnell said...

Hey BK, Glad to see you back on the air.

With regard to the self-important critics, cut 'em all off. Get rid of their self-important rants. Set your blog to review comments before they see the light of day. It's your blog, not necessarily a forum for those who cannot engage in fruitful conversation.

When I was trying to figure out this blogoverse, The Science Goddess told me, "It's your blog."
She told me I had no moral obligation to tolerate either rock chuckers or morons, especially if I wanted to have good conversations. I have come to agree totally.

Hugh aka Repairman

PS: I was ready to push the button, and I see that moderation has been implemented! :)

Teacher -n- Training said...

Don't let the small minded people cut you off. Speak your mind. There's are always to views to every story, that's just the way the world works. It's sad to see that racism is still so strong in current day, but the fact is it's everywhere. Don't give in to a few ignorant people that weren't taught any better. Your blog is your opinion and don't censor that.

ruben said...

Good to have you back man. Didn't know where you were, but looks like there's been some solid debate (or at least lots of talking) going on here while you were away. Did you know we just passed the halfway mark on the year?

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're back! Don't let these comments refrain you from posting. Can't wait to hear how teaching is going for you!

praxenakis said...

A bunch of racists marched in Jena on MLK. Nooses are a new trend, turning up all over the country. Things are very scary in America these days, but keep up the good work. Schools are a crucial place for raising consciousness about these sorts of things. I like your blog. I'll be coming through Cohort 16 this summer, good to know there's some other radicals in the program.

B! said...

I read lots of your posts, but never comment. So I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your thoughts & your stories (and your students' stories).

Be well.

NYC Teaching Fellow said...

@ Sub- yea man, I'm still here, trying to be more regular with my blogging, but its been tough with work and all.. im sure you know what i mean

@hugh- its crazy how some of these cats are coming at me! oh well

@teacher n- exactly.. this blog is simply my opinion, and i have the right to it... all day, everyday..

@ruben- its great to see you are still regularly writing. thats wussup!

@frum- teaching is going cool. every day is another day, no doubt!

@prax- congrats on getting into the program. if you have any questions, holla @ me..

@b!- yes, this is a journey and a process.. thanks for stopping by.. you've got a lot of great posts on your site, and i will now start to frequent yourspace..

Miss Profe said...

I feel you.

I wrote a post re: Black History Month, and some ignorant fool decided to vent his anger re: the Jena Six and desecrate the significance of Black History Month in the process. Needless to say, I deleted the comment.

BTW: Moderating your comments is the way to go, IMHO.